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Life is vibrant, not constrained by age, or appearance. We prefer a refreshed, defined and elegant look that is customized to suit your goals, your facial anatomy and your life.


On Park road, close to the Brisbane city CBD, our clinic is a friendly, non-judgmental space that feels comfortable. 


Our attentive clinicians provide honest advice on how to achieve your aesthetic goals while avoiding looking ‘overfilled’ or unnatural. We will tell you upfront if a treatment won’t work or won’t suit you.


The best injectables treatments are personalized to your face.  Your friends will notice you look better but it won’t be obvious what exactly was done. Our treatments are performed gently and safely under the guidance of Dr Joshua, our Aesthetic Physician.


If you are curious about treatment options, please contact us with your questions or book in for a complimentary free facial assessment and planning consult.


Dr Joshua also offers selected medical treatments & procedures. You can read about our medical offerings here.

Accentuating your unique natural beauty

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Weight Loss


Define Clinic offers medical injectables, cosmetic injectables, medical weight loss, and anti-aging treatments in Brisbane.

We can help relieve symptoms of muscle spasm, bruxism, migraines, TMJ pain or hyperhydrosis with muscle relaxant injections.

We also offer cosmetic injectables to for anti-aging & softening of wrinkles to refresh your face. We aim for a natural result where you the wrinkles are gone but there is still some natural expression.

Our Popular treatments

Feel and look better, not "done".

Define provides a variety of injectables treatments for the women and men of Brisbane.

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Tara Shohet
Tara Shohet
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I've been a client of Define for a while and have always loved my experience with Dr Josh and his team. Recently I saw Nina for my lip filler. After having a bad lip experience about 5 years ago I was very particular about who I wanted to place my trust in. Can I say that not only has my faith been restored but I will preach to anyone who will listen. She is truly a master of her craft and in my opinion the Queen of Lips.
William Pickford
William Pickford
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After years of feeling self conscious about my weak side profile I saw dr Joshua for chin filler. The results were instant and amazing. It felt bumpy for a few weeks but now feels really natural and looks so much better. It really adds balance to my whole face.
Nicole Carstein
Nicole Carstein
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I've been a client of Define for a while and have always loved my experience with Dr Josh and his team. Recently I saw Nina for my lip filler. After having a bad lip experience about 5 years ago I was very particular about who I wanted to place my trust in. Can I say that not only has my faith been restored but I will preach to anyone who will listen. She is truly a master of her craft and in my opinion the Queen of Lips.
Sheb K
Sheb K
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Nurse Nina is talented and a perfectionist in her work. She takes her time, and pride in creating beautiful, natural results. I really like that this clinic does not try to pressurise or up- sell to their clients, and also are priced reasonably unlike some other places. On consultation, Dr Josh has a great eye for detail, and what would suit the individual clients features. I would recommend Define for clients that are looking for subtle, natural results- rather than the “fake” look.
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Would 100% recommend! I had lip filler done for the first time by Nurse Nancy. I felt so comfortable around everyone and was treated very professionally. I can’t thank the team enough. The results are exactly how I asked!
Kahlia Panebianco
Kahlia Panebianco
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Could not recommend this clinic enough! Nurse Nina is amazing and incredibly talented. She listened to my needs and offered her professional advice and explained everything to me. I felt very comfortable in her hands. The clinics name “define” really captures the work they produce. Love your work guys xx
Marie Banks
Marie Banks
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I would 100 per cent recommend this clinic, Nurse Nina and Dr Josh are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I had previously been advised by another clinic that I wasn't a candidate for tear through filler and they were not sure what I was trying to achieve...., I shared my under eye concerns with Nurse Nina who said this procedure would work well on me. Nurse Nina did the tear through procedure i have been totally delighted with the results, I wish I went to see them years ago. I also have regular botox treatment and again I am really happy with the results!
 Sally Laing
Sally Laing
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I saw nurse Nina for both my anti wrinkle treatment and lip fillers. Nina took time to explain the process to me so that I felt comfortable so that I could completely trust her with my face. Not only was my experience fantastic but I absolutely love the results. So happy with my small enhancements and will definitely be a loyal customer returning for more treatments and touch ups! I have never had any cosmetic work done before and couldn’t rave more about my experience with nurse Nina.

Dermal Fillers Brisbane

We are able to contour and renew the face using dermal fillers. Our most popular dermal filler injection is are full face contouring. We particular love jawline contouring, using chin filler to balance the side profile and giving the face a youthful lift with cheek filler. We use high quality, reversible dermal fillers and also offer long -lasting collagen stimulating fillers.

Lip filler brisbane

Lip filler should not give you a duck’s bill or a trout pout. It shouldn’t leave you with hard, lumpy lips. It should feel soft and full, having you feel amazing.  We can help accentuate the shape and/or volume of your lips. Are you after a subtle hydration of the lips or fuller, heart shaped lips? Have a look at some of our lip filler results and learn about a personalized lip plan and treatment. We can even dissolve previous lip filler if it has migrated or lost its shape.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Our liquid nose jobs can lift the nose tip, straighten the nose or refine the nose tip. With a non-surgical rhinoplasty, you can get the nose of your dreams without the need for an invasive procedure. Liquid rhinoplasty reshapes your nose with nose filler, and this simple and effective treatment provides great results without the risks, costs, or downtime associated with surgery. Nose reshaping is a great way to contour the shape of your nose in harmony with the rest of your face. Learn more about what a non-surgical rhinoplasty can do and if it may be right for you.

Cosmetic Injectables Brisbane

Our dermal and lip fillers will help you glow from within. Dermal fillers are meant to fill out your skin, make your face feel more plump, and contour your natural structure. We offer lip fillers with a subtle heart-shaped appearance, tear trough fillers for under-eye hollowing, and forehead and chin fillers for profile balancing and face slimming

Our doctor offers medical treatments for headaches, migraine prevention, teeth grind (bruxism), TMJ pain, hyperhydrosis, neuromuscular pain, and chronic muscle tension.

These are carried out with neuromulator injections (a type of muscle relaxer).

We also offer medical weight loss and acne treatments.

Brisbane Anti Wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective way to soften fine lines & wrinkles. People are increasingly seeking anti wrinkle injections in Brisbane to prevent getting wrinkles in the first place.

For some, anti wrinkle is not about looking younger, it is a way to look less angry, appear less tired or less stressed.

Muscle relaxant (anti wrinkle) injections can also be used medically to prevent migraines, stop teeth grinding (brusxism), reduce neuromuscular pain and reduce sweating. If you are looking for Brisbane anti wrinkle, learn more about our treatments.
This What you should know before getting Botox in Brisbane.

So, you want to do something for yourself. Something small but significant. You come across an article or magazine full of people with wrinkle-free faces to die for, and you think, “Maybe I should get rid of a few wrinkles.” Light bulb moment; Botox.

What is Botox? Or Xeomin, or Dysport for that matter?

Botox is a popular injectable neurotoxin made from a bacterium called clostridium botulinum.

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, resulting in a wrinkle-free face, improving your appearance. Enticing, if you ignore the paralyzing part.

Let’s talk about money.

Okay, you have made up your mind to get a botox injection but have no clue about the costs.

The cost of botulinum injections depends on the number of units needed and the brand.

The number of units depends on the target area of injection and also the brand.

Apart from Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are other popular brands of botulinum neurotoxin used in most Brisbane cosmetic clinics.

What is the difference between Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, and how do you choose the right brand for you?

I will let you decide that for yourself, my role is just to shine the light on how they differ.


Botox is the most popular brand of botulinum toxin.

It is used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

According to Realself, Botox can be used off-label to smooth lip lines, bunny lines on the nose, chin, and neck bands.

Botox can also be used for facial slimming by relaxing muscles of the jaw.

Botox contains accessory proteins, making it a heavier botulinum toxin than Xeomin.

How much does it cost?
A single unit of botox costs $10-$20 around Brisbane. • For glabellar lines, you need about 15-20 units. • Crow’s feet require 15-20 units. • Horizontal lines of the forehead usually require about ten units.
• Chin needs 2-5 units.
• The jaw area needs 15-50 units per side.
• Neckbands need around 25-50 units.
How soon do you see results, and how long do they last?

Several doctors on Realself say that it takes a day or two to see some results and up to two weeks to see the full impact of botox injections.

Botox injections last for up to six months.


Xeomin is often referred to as a pure form of botulinum toxin because it does not contain accessory proteins found in Botox and Dysport. Xeomin was designed in such a way that it doesn’t need protein additives to be injected.

Is that good or bad?

Dr.James Gordon, a New York-based oculoplastic surgeon, says that he considers this feature of Xeomin a plus because it is less likely to cause an immune reaction.

Dr. Mellissa Chiang argues that there is no difference because all the protein detaches from Botox within one minute of injection.

How much does it cost?

Each unit of Xeomin costs between $10 and $15 in Brisbane.
• The horizontal lines on your forehead need 20-40 units.
• Crow’s feet around the eyes need 5-20 units.
• Frown lines between the eyebrows need 15-30 units.

How soon do results show, and how long do they last?

According to Merz, Xeomin’s manufacturer, it takes 3 to 4 days to start seeing results. It may take up to a month to see the full effect of Xeomin.

Results of Xeomin injections last between 3 to 4 months.

Dysport and Botox are similar because they both contain added proteins making them heavier than Xeomin.

The FDA has approved Dysport to treat glabellar lines, but it used to smooth other wrinkles. How much does it cost?

A unit of Dysport is $3.5-$6.

It seems cheaper than both Botox and Xeomin, but here is the catch, you will need almost double the number of units of Dysport to get results.
• Injection between the eyes needs up to 50 units.
• Crow’s Feet injection also needs up to 60 units.
• Smoothening of the horizontal lines of the forehead requires up to 30 units.

When do results show after Dysport injections and how long does it last?

According to doctors, it can take 2-14 days for results to show. This depends on the number of units used and the site injected.

Dr. Weiner says that the effects of Dysport wear off gradually over four to six months.

What to expect after botulinum injections

A headache, slight bruising, or some tenderness around the area is expected. Your doctor may give you an ice pack to apply before leaving the office and prescribe some painkillers such as aspirin or Tylenol.

Although these injections have close to a non-existent downtime, there are several things to do after injections;

Avoid rubbing or massaging the injection area for a few hours to prevent the toxin from spreading to other areas. You may wake up with a paralyzed cheek.

Avoid exercise or any strenuous activities that may cause excess heat. This helps reduce the risk of diffusion to other areas. Skipping one day of a workout is not a big deal, right?

Avoid lying down for 90 minutes. Dr.Mary E. Hurley says that the toxins are bound to the muscle for 90 minutes after injections. Lying down may cause diffusion to other areas.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of botulinum toxin injections.

What are the pros?

According to Realself, most botulinum toxins are suitable for all skin tones and types. There is no downtime. You can get the injection and go about your day.

Results are temporary, so if you are not thrilled about the outcome, you can wait for four-six months for it to fade away. Does this get any better?

Botulinum toxins can be used for smoothing wrinkles that are yet to be formed.

The treatments are quick and generally painless. It takes an average of 20 minutes, including consultation, to get a wrinkle-free face.

Let’s flip the coin

The cons of botulinum toxins are;

The results are temporary; you will have to go back for injections every four to six months, depending on the brand.

Like many cosmetic injections, if you visit an inexperienced injector to save a few dollars, you might end up with a crooked smile, uneven eyebrows, and droopy eyebrows. So don’t skimp when it comes to your face or any other part of your body.

Also, using an injector who is not well experienced or who uses a type of botulinum toxin that has not been approved might lead to catastrophic complications.

There are no studies on the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy. Therefore you shouldn’t get the injection even if you’re planning to get pregnant.

Remember Everybody is different. People have different muscle strengths, which means the number of units for each person is unique. If you stop or skip injections, your muscles will go back to normal after the toxin fades. Contrary to what people say, stopping or skipping injections does not make you old. Make sure a licensed individual is treating you.

Diet and exercise alone are not working to to lose weight? Our TGA approved prescription weight loss treatments may help. Learn if this weight loss treatment is suitable for you.

A thread lift is capable of lifting and tightening loose or sagging skin. This beauty treatment stimulates the fibroblast cells in your face, allowing them to produce more natural collagen and elastin. We offer two types of thread lifts: lifting threads and volumizing or smooth PDO threads. We apply safe and effective biodegradable threads made from the same material as surgical stitches.
Our values and approach

At Define, we offer a fresh take on cosmetic medicine. We offer high quality cosmetic injectables to Brisbane residents, with our treatments designed to refresh your face and have your feeling bright. We believe in friendly honest advice, natural-looking results, and excellent value delivered by a team that really cares.