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A sculpted jawline frames and highlights your facial features. This gives a confident, slim and attractive look. Jawline fillers are one of the most popular procedures in 2023. And it’s not just women, men are also improving their jawlines for a strong, confident appearance. Jawline contouring will usually involve chin filler as well.   Here are some reasons people come to us for jawline filler.

Look good from every angle and never fear photos again. A defined jawline and chin will balance the side profile and highlight the eyes, lips and cheeks. It will make the nose less prominent and even seem smaller. The jawline completes the contours of the face.  

Reduce jowls with jaw fillers

As we age, we lose a lot of bony volume from the angle of the jaw. The masseter muscle can also shrink. This means the skin loses its support frame and can sag down forming jowls. With jaw filler, we can replace the lost volume and give the skin back its support. If we use a collagen stimulating dermal filler, it will also tighten and firm the loose skin, giving a long-lasting rejuvenation to the lower face.

Slim the face with a defined jawline

A defined, crisp jawline forms a line from the angle of the jaw to the chin. This gives the impression of a leaner, slimmer lower face. It also creates clear separation between the face and neck, creating a vital and fitter appearance.

Jawline fillers to feminise the face

A classic feminine face has a narrow jaw width compared to the cheeks. The jawline will be a continuous, elegant curve to the chin. The chin itself is narrow, less than the width of the nose (or for ideal proportions, the width between the eyes). To make a face more feminine we often start by accentuating the cheeks. Next, we may slim the jaw muscles if they are bulky and you want a more heart shaped face. Just remember that a more square shaped face can be very attractive, many models have this face shape with a prominent jaw and it looks amazing. After this, we move to the chin. We use chin filler to shape a chin to match the face shape and nose. By gently projecting or lengthening the chin we can balance the side profile, create a heart shaped face and even make a nose appear smaller. Finally, we contour the angle of the jaw. Using jaw filler, we highlight the angle of the jaw to complete the procedure.

Jaw filler for men - masculinise the face

The prominent chin and jaw are want gives a strong, confident “alpha” look to some men. Jaw filler for men is becoming increasingly common. The classic masculine face has a wide chin and jaw. The width of the jaw (bigonial width) is almost as wide as the cheeks. Some men will have a jaw slightly wider than their cheeks but most men won’t suit a jaw that wide. An obvious sign of an overdone male jaw is having the jaw much wider than the cheeks. The masculine chin is ideally the width of the mouth edges. It should project forward past the edge of the nose.

What is it like getting jawline filler?

This is what writer Faith Xue says:


“The actual process itself isn’t exactly pleasant. It was the strangest, most uncomfortable feeling. You can feel the filler going through your skin, like wet concrete being squeezed into your jawline (you’re welcome for that visual). Luckily, the process was over fairly quickly. When I peered in the mirror, I didn’t notice that much of a difference at first, but Pack promised me the results would be more noticeable shortly after. In fact, the results may be more extreme directly following your initial appointment because your face tends to swell a bit. She sent me on my way with an aftercare kit, and I immediately snapped some selfies in the Uber home.


That’s when I realized how much of a difference the filler had truly made in my face. Suddenly, my jawline had a clearly defined angle from the bottom of my ear to my chin. My chin looked more pronounced, and my face, in general, looked more angular and sculpted. It was actually shocking. I was obsessed. I couldn’t stop taking photos of myself and sending them to my friends with the text, “New jawline. Who dis?” I couldn’t believe that I could get results like this without undergoing a more invasive treatment and knew I had to share my experience.”


Faith Xue, Byrdie

Longest Lasting Jawline Fillers

Normal jaw fillers can sometimes fade after only 9 months.  As they breakdown they can cause the area to get soft and puffy.

We are one of the few clinics in Brisbane to offer the longest lasting jawline fillers, lasting 6 months longer than other brands. You get immediate, crisp results but also collagen stimulation to tighten the skin along the jawline. This avoids the jawline looking soft or puffy. It gives a well-defined jawline that will last 18 months. This treatment is available from $2000. Book a jawline consult online – it’s FREE.

Safety is prioritised. Our Doctor is onsite. Advanced procedures are performed by Dr Joshua.

Comfort. Numbing, local anaesthetic & more available.

Conveniently located at Park Road, Milton. Easy parking. Open late weekdays.

Jawline Filler FAQ/ Details

Most frequent questions and answers

Your natural jawline in made up of the chin at the front, the bony angle of the jaw at the back, and is supported by the jaw muscle. Those who have big and strong masseter muscles will often have a chiseled jawline.

Jawline filler should be in harmony with the rest of your face. All over Instagram you can see horrendous, overdone jawlines. They make young women appear like a chunky man and make men look like a cartoon superhero. This is because the angle of the jaw was made too close and from the front it was too wide. The jawline must match the rest of the face or else it will look bad. Very bad.

The price for jawline filler depends on how much is required. If you have a very lean, smaller face, we may be able to get a good effect with as little as 2 syringes of jaw filler. Most people will need 3 to 5 mL to get a result they will be happy with. We have our ultimate jawline package for $2000 that includes the longest lasting jaw filler and no set mL limit. You can add on chin filler for an additional $500 to complete the look.

Jawline fillers are not just for 20-something year olds. As we age, we lose a lot of bony volume from the angle of the jaw. This bone loss results in sagging skin and jowls. By restoring this bony volume with jaw filler we can support the skin and reduce jowls. For mature patients, we advise using a collagen stimulating filler which will also tighten the skin in the area and give a long lasting and natural looking jawline.

The more fat you have under the chin and around the jaw, the harder it is to define your jawline. Much more jaw filler is needed to achieve a good result. As your body fat levels reduce the jawline will become more defined. We usually advise weight loss first if there is a decent amount of fat around the area. We offer prescription weight loss treatments to help you lose fat quickly but you may also wish to consider liposuction to the area.

You will get some redness, temporary swelling and sometimes a bruise. The area will be tender for a few days. There is a very small risk of blocking a blood vessel. It this happened we would need to dissolve the filler to restore the blood flow to the skin. The risk of this is about 100,000 to 1. There is a chance the some fillers may look soft or puffy if too much volume is put in, or as they break down after 12 months. This can be corrected by dissolving the old jaw filler.

This varies a lot. Most people will find they last from 9 to 15 months. In younger, active women they often fade faster  but in older people they can last longer. If you gain fat, the fillers can become hidden and if you lose fat the fillers will look more defined.

It is much more pleasant than lip filler but still can be uncomfortable at times. We often use local anaesthetic to numb the area and use a microcannula to minimise pain and reduce the chance of bruising.

After jawline contouring you can get back to normal activities the same day in 90% of cases, some people may feel self-conscious if they have a bruise though.

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