Non-Surgical Nose Job

Get the nose you've always wanted - without the cost or downtime of a surgical rhinoplasty.

Our non-surgical rhinoplasties (liquid nose jobs) are performed by Dr Joshua, our cosmetic doctor who has safely performed over 200 (and counting) liquid rhinoplasties. It is a confidence boost and looks very natural.

non-surgical rhinoplasty Brisbane

What a liquid nose job can do?

A crooked or droopy or very flat nose is a common complaint. The nose is at the centre of the face, so we are often quite self-conscious about it. Until recently the only option was a surgical rhinoplasty that was painful, expensive and had months of recovery.


We can now use small amounts of nose filler to reshape and sculpt the nose. The non-surgical rhinoplasty has made a huge difference in many people’s lives, giving them that extra self-confidence without having to go through surgery.


It’s important to remember that every nose is unique. We are not all supposed to look identical and have the same nose. A nose with a curved bridge can be strong and beautiful, like many other nose shapes.

Straighten bumps along the nose

With so many photos all the time we are more likely to notice bumps or dips along the nose. The liquid nose job is perfect for straightening the nose. The best results are noticed in the side profile. It is possible (but much more difficult) to straighten deviations of the nose front-on.

Defining and raising a flat nose bridge

A common request is to raise and refine a flat nose bridge. The liquid nose job can be used to an elegant defined nasal bridge. This may help a nose appear more narrow and smaller in some cases. It is important to avoid resting heavy objects like sunglasses across the nasal bridge afterwards, or the bridge can flatten out. Using nose filler to raise the nose bridge is one of the most common procedures in east Asia and growing in popularity around the world.

Lift the nasal tip with nose fillers

Nose fillers can give an instant nose lift. This can beautifully transform a drooping nose. Research has found the ideal female nose angle (nasolabial angle) is 106 degrees on average. The ideal male angle is 96 degrees. This measurement is from the base of the nose (columella) to the nose tip. A higher angle gives a more feminine, refined nose, whereas a flatter nasal angle is more masculine. Note though, that even the ideal male angle is still above the flat horizontal 90 degrees. Interestingly noses range from less than 90 to 120 degrees.

non-surgical rhinoplasty Brisbane

Refining the tip of the nose with nose filler

Very few people want a round or bulbous nose (we have only ever had 1 person request this!). The liquid nose job often involves giving a finer point to the tip of the nose. This can often make a nose appear smaller or more elegant. When very fine, some may call this a pixie or Tinkerbell nose tip. In actual practice, most people will suit something more subtle. Not everyone will be able to achieve a fine nose point without surgery. If the nose is very round or has thick fibrous fatty tissue, nose fillers will be unable to give a lasting change. In these cases, a surgical rhinoplasty is a much better option.

Post-surgical rhinoplasty corrections

Surgical rhinoplasties have a reasonably high revision rate. Nose anatomy is complex and the surgery is difficult. Even the best nose surgeons have cases that don’t achieve an ideal result. Rather than undergo surgery again, many prefer nose filler to correct any surgical defects. Sometimes we can even use nose filler to correct significant surgical complications like a collapsed nasal cartilage. Performing a liquid rhinoplasty after a surgical one is much riskier as the anatomy of the nose and arteries have changed. The nose is also harder to reshape due to fibrosis after surgery. Please ensure the doctor performing your post-surgical nose fillers is taking the appropriate precautions to manage these higher levels of risk.

Correcting depressions and nose asymmetry

Particularly after a surgical nose job or after breaking your nose, you may notice depressions or asymmetries to the sides of the nose. Many practitioners only inject nose fillers down the centre of the nose, as this is a relatively safer area with fewer arteries. To correct some asymmetries though, we need to inject the sides of the nose. This is a much more difficult procedure and requires special care to ensure safety and achieve a good aesthetic result.


$900 for initial treatment. If any adjustments are needed within 9 months, these are included at no extra cost. AfterPay + ZIP.

Friendly, Thorough & Careful. Performed by experienced doctor. If we don't think this procedure will benefit you, we are honest and will let you know.

You will love your nose. It won't be obvious you have had something done, most people will think your nose has naturally been this way.

Dr Joshua takes a proactive approach to safety. This is a higher risk procedure and requires a very careful, detailed approach with excellent anatomical knowledge of the nose.

The nose is thoroughly numbed with local anaesthetic. The anaesthetic briefly stings but afterwards discomfort is very minimal.

Dr Joshua takes on both simple and complex cases for non-surgical rhinoplasties. He is one of the few doctors who is able to correct noses after surgical rhinoplasties.

What a liquid nose job cannot do?

In some cases, straightening the nose shape and enhancing the chin with dermal fillers can make a nose appear smaller. In many cases though, surgery will get a better result if you are wanting to decrease the size of a larger nose. Also, non-surgical nose jobs cannot really decrease the width of the nose, again surgery is needed for this. Noses with thick fibrous fatty tissue can be difficult to reshape, even surgically, these can be more challenging.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty (liquid nose job) by Dr Joshua

How I Perform the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

“The liquid rhinoplasty is a complex and higher risk procedure. Half a millimeter or one degree can make a huge difference to the result, so it demands attention to fine detail. There are also arteries all over the nose. This brings a 5 million to one risk of a vascular occlusion that can cause blindness in one eye. This means safety is critical. You can’t just inject and hope for the best.


To start, we discuss what you want to achieve and what is possible. I have performed many non-surgical rhinoplasties so can give you an accurate idea of whether this procedure will be worth it. If this procedure isn’t suitable for you, I am happy to refer you to some excellent rhinoplasty surgeons.


The consult is completed, before photos are recorded, a mark up of the nose is done, and then the nose is cleansed. Local anaesthetic mixed with adrenaline is injected. This numbs the nose so you won’t feel it when the gel is injected. The local anaesthetic will sting for a second. This isn’t just for pain relief. The adrenaline clamps down the blood vessels. With the smaller ‘clamped down’ blood vessels, it is much harder for the dermal filler to get into an artery and cause vascular occlusion or blindness. It also helps reduce bruising.


The nose is then cleansed again to prevent infection. Now we start injecting. A firm and long-lasting dermal filler is used. It is reversible for safety reasons and in case you want to change the look. This is injected via a super fine needle. At each injection point, a maximum of 0.02mL is injected. This is another key safety factor. A study showed that 0.04mL of filler was needed to cause blindness by blocking a retinal artery. By injecting only half of this amount in any one location, we drastically improve safety. I also keep the needle moving as I inject so that even less would end up in an artery if this event did occur.


The nose is gradually sculpted with each small injection. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the process. Afterwards, we discuss aftercare and cover any other questions. The downtime is minimal. The nose will be tender for a few days. There is about a 10% chance of some bruising. There is a small amount of swelling but much of this will be reduced over the next few days. You can go straight back to work the next day (or sometimes the same day if you really want). I like to review progress after 6 weeks so we can see how it has all settled in. Sometimes I will need to make a few small adjustments at this appointment to ensure the best outcome.

If you have any questions about the liquid nose job or any nose filler related, please send through a message – I am happy to help.”


Dr Joshua Mullins

How much is a liquid rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty


$900 for initial procedure. One free review and top-up is included (if needed) within 3 months.

We use dermal filler +/- muscle relaxants to reshape & lift the nose. Using these techniques it may be possible to correct bumps or dips in the nose, raise the tip of the nose, open up airways more, or refine the bridge.

There is no set mL limit for this treatment. Click the button below to book your free nose consultation with Dr Joshua.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty before & after photos

Nose Filler FAQ / Details

Most frequent questions and answers

Every individual will have a different result based on their anatomy. It is important that you love your result – so for this treatment we offer 1 free review & refinement within 6 months.

Yes! Nobody has to know you have had treatment. This procedure has minimal downtime & results look natural, never overdone.

We use a premium filler for all our nose cases that is strong and lasts up to 18 months. Different parts of the nose may fade quicker. This is because they carry more weight across them or move more than other parts. The tip of the nose fades fastest whereas corrections to the upper bridge of the nose generally last much longer.

More than 99.9% of treatments have no side effects other than the expected swelling or a possible bruise. Treatment with nose filler has a higher risk of an artery being blocked & in extremely rare cases (less than 5 million to one) may lead to loss or reduction of vision in one eye.

We take great care to minimise this risk by:

  • Injecting very slowly.

  • Injecting in very small amounts (so that it won’t flow back to the eye area).

  • Using adrenaline before injecting to ‘clamp down’ the arteries that lead to the eye to prevent backflow of filler.

No cookie-cutter or in-out treatments here. The nose is a complex area that can needs extra safety precautions & care. We take our time injecting to ensure you get a safe, high quality result. It is ideal to allow an hour for this procedure.

Liquid rhinoplasties are performed by Joshua, our cosmetic doctor, who has been fully trained in this more advanced area (& really loves reshaping noses). As this is one of the more complex treatments you should ensure that whoever performs your liquid rhinoplasty does them often to ensure safety.

This area is surprisingly comfortable compared to having lips done. We numb with an ice-pack and then apply local anaesthetic (this can sting but is very quick). After this the whole area is numb & discomfort is minimal.

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