About us


6/20 Park road, Milton
We are in the row of ground-level shops behind La Dolce Vita Cafe (the place with big the Eiffel Tower). You can walk through the middle under the Eiffel tower, from there walk 10 metres left and you will see us next to Zion Hair. There is free on-street parking and also free parking at basement level for 1 hour. You can access underground parking via the driveway near Maple Fusion Restaurant.
Our hours

Monday                    11am – 7pm

Tuesday                    11am – 7pm

Wednesday             11am – 7pm

Thursday                  11am – 7pm

Friday                       11am – 5pm

Contact us

Our phone number is 04 34 860 125 (we are only able to answer the phone between 11am to 6pm) please email us or SMS this number outside of these times.

Please read our patient information & informed consent for treatment prior to your appointment.

Please keep an eye-out for our upcoming guide on botox Brisbane