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Dr Josh Mullins (MBBS, MACAM, BAS)


Why Aesthetics?

Before medical school I studied some courses in architecture & design. They were inspiring. I love design. Aesthetics is a special area of medicine. It lets me obsess over fine details, and it is so satisfying being able see how fine changes here and there can really change (and improve) someone’s appearance. Most of all I love making people happy. In aesthetics, patients really appreciate and love the results they get.



Joshua started medical school at the University of Queensland in 2012. He started internship in 2017 at Prince Charles Hospital and then his residency. During residency he gained experience in internal medicine, general surgery and emergency. In 2018 Joshua started his journey into aesthetic medicine. Finding hospital life increasingly dissatisfying, during 2020 he made the scary decision to leave specialty physician training and open his own private medical and cosmetic practice.


The combination of art and science in aesthetics had instant appeal. The fact that the smallest details could add up to big differences. The reactions of patients and appreciation on seeing their results. These all added up to an ongoing love affair and obsession with aesthetics.


Key interests

facial contouring – neuromodulator therapy for pain – weight loss medicine


Favourite procedure

Non surgical rhinoplasty. The liquid nose job is so satisfying to perform and it can make a huge difference to the patient and their confidence. It has the highest satisfaction of any filler procedure and looks completely natural if done correctly.


Aesthetic Tastes

Natural looking, refreshed, elegant. Never overfilled, puffy or weird looking. I like to consider the best features that exist naturally and then see how that may work in someone’s unique facial anatomy .



If I think a treatment may not work for you, I will let you know. I don’t like (and am not good at sales) so don’t expect upsell or any pressure to get a treatment. It is important that this clinic offers an inclusive, nonjudgmental space.

I will always act in the patient’s interest, even if it means saying no to a treatment or referring them to a better suited practitioner.


6/20 Park road, Milton
We are in the row of ground-level shops behind La Dolce Vita Cafe (the place with big the Eiffel Tower). You can walk through the middle under the Eiffel tower, from there walk 10 metres left and you will see us next to Zion Hair. There is free on-street parking and also free parking at basement level for 1 hour. You can access underground parking via the driveway near Maple Fusion Restaurant.
Our hours

Monday                    11am – 7pm
Tuesday                    11am – 7pm
Wednesday                closed       
Thursday                  11am – 7pm
Friday                       11am – 5pm

Contact us

Our phone number is 04 34 860 125 (we are only able to answer the phone between 11am to 6pm) please email us or SMS this number outside of these times.

Please read our patient information & informed consent for treatment prior to your appointment.

Please keep an eye-out for our upcoming guide on botox Brisbane