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Most frequent questions and answers

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If you are unsure, we recommend booking the consult option. We can advise you on which treatment options would suit you best & can often treat during the same session.

6/20 Park road, Milton (Savoir Faire). We are in the row of ground-level shops behind La Dolce Vita Café (the place with big the Eiffel Tower). You can walk through the middle under the Eiffel tower, from there walk 10 metres left and you will see us next to Zion Hair. There is free on-street parking and also free parking at basement level for 1 hour. You can access underground parking via the driveway near Maple Fusion Restaurant.

Our dermal filler brands included in our pricing & packages are Teoxane (Teosyal) , Restylane &  Stylage. These are premium dermal filler brands from Switzerland, Sweden & France – they have an excellent clinical safety record and are long lasting. We have Juvederm (from France) available at an additional fee – $600 per mL.

Our quoted pricing is for Dysport – it is the most commonly used and popular brand in Australia. It has an excellent safety record and shows no significant difference to Botox & Xeomin in large clinical trials. We also offer Botox & Xeomin but these will cost 20-30% more. 

Unfortunately not. We try to make treatments affordable & accessible to everyone. Our pricing represents the best value in Brisbane with premium products & highly skilled staff led by a fully qualified medical doctor (Dr Joshua Mullin).

Yes – there is 2 hours free parking on-street and also undercover parking beneath the building. We are 5 minutes from the Brisbane City CBD with frequent buses. Milton train station is only 200m away.

This depends mainly on the area being treated. Lips will last up to 12 months. Cheeks or chin will last up to 18 months. Under eyes will last up to 3 years. Some people will break down dermal filler much sooner as their skin produces higher amounts of hyaluronidase – the enzyme breaking down hyaluronic acid and dermal filler. Free radicals will cause dermal filler to break down sooner so we recommend daily sunscreen use, healthy diet & skin care containing anti-oxidants. High levels of muscle movement or pressure on an area can cause the dermal filler to flatten, fading the visual effect sooner.

The average duration of anti-wrinkle treatment is 8-16 weeks. This will vary according to area treated, dose strength, environment factors (like UV radiation) and individual factors (sensitivity to botulinum & muscle-nerve strength). Denser muscles like the glabellar (frown) will last much longer than thinner, spread-out, muscles like the forehead (frontalis).