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Chin filler is a very underrated procedure. It is one of those treatments that can make a huge difference to your appearance, yet others won’t be able to obviously tell you had something done. Chin fillers can look very natural – we don’t do witches chins.

Chin fillers before & after

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What Can Chin Filler Do?

Balance Your Side Profile

It is common for the chin to lag behind the rest of the face. This is more noticeable from the side & can make us cringe when we see photos from that angle. Luckily this does not need surgery. We can project the chin forwards or elongate it down to balance your facial proportions. Now you can look great from every angle.

More Masculine Look (For Men)

A strong chin is the cornerstone of male aesthetic ideal. The male chin will be square & wider than the female chin; it will also project slightly more. A recessive or weak chin can undermine confidence. The art here is sculpting a more square chin, without an overblown, cartoonish look. We customise your chin filler treatment using your unique facial proportions to give a strong & natural result.

Slim The Face

You would think chin filler would make your face look bigger right? Nope. Chin fillers can be used to sculpt a confident yet petite chin. By creating a finer highlight for the lower face, the eyes perceive that face as slimmer.

Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Balancing the lower portion of the face restores harmony. This reduces our focus on the nose. Overall we notice the nose less and it gives the impression of the nose being smaller (we often combine chin fillers with non-surgical nose reshaping if this is a concern).

More Confident Look

When the chin is balanced with the rest of the face – it gives a confident appearance. this holds true for females and males. By sculpting the chin, we can give a more feminine or masculine look depending on the width of the chin. Either way, you get a very natural & confident chin, in harmony with the rest of your face.


The price for chin filler starts at just $500 and may cost up to $1000. A lot of cases will require more volume, especially males. We also offer extra long lasting fillers for chin and jawline enhancement. These last 18 months and stay firm, instead of softening over time like hyaluronic acid based fillers.

See some chin filler before & after photos below or read some of our glowing Google reviews. Read on for more details about chin filler and what it can do for you.

Chin Filler Before & After Photos

Chin Filler FAQ / Details

Most frequent questions and answers

Bruising is the most common side effect for chin filler. Infection is extremely rare but possible since we are breaking the outer layer of skin. There is a small risk of asymmetry with chin fillers but this can usually be resolved with massage or else easily fixed on review. Vascular occlusion  is the most serious filler complications but is extremely rare (less than 100,000 to 1); we keep hyaluronidase prepared to reverse any suspect vascular issues.

Individual results & longevity of treatments will vary a lot form person to person. We use the long lasting dermal fillers may last up to 2 years. Pressure on the chin from the chin muscles and while sleeping can cause the visual effects to fade sooner than this. Even though the gel will still be there, it can be flattened over time. Having muscle relaxer (anti-wrinkle) treatment to the chin muscle very 6 months can help the results last longer.

For the chin we use a firm, ultra thick hyaluronic acid filler.

We carry all brands of dermal filler. The allows us to choose the right product for the right person as well as offer affordable options. The chin is one area where upgrading can give a longer lasting result  – sometimes up to 6 months longer.

Yes for most cases. If your procedure will be complex or take a longer time we will not rush it & may schedule you for a another appointment.

If you decide you do not like any part of your result, or there is unevenness, we can dissolve part or all of the dermal filler. Chin fillers rarely cause noticeable migration (like the lips).

You can get straight back to work or fun straight after chin filler treatment. Swelling is not that noticeable and redness will fade within an hour for most people. Bruising can be an issue in the chin, especially for the lower chin. Bruising rates can be about 1 in 10.

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