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Define is a doctor-supported clinic in Milton, Brisbane. Details are important to us. Our goal is natural-looking, yet noticeable results. Your comfort & safety is prioritised with our personalised treatments.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Bruising is the most common side effect for anti-wrinkle injections & dermal fillers. Some areas like chin filler, nose filler, tear trough filler & anti-wrinkle around the eyes, have a higher chance of bruising. Swelling is will happen to most people after dermal filler and is worse in the lips. Infection is extremely rare but possible since we are breaking the outer layer of skin. Unwanted relaxing of neighbouring muscles is a rare, serious but temporary risk with anti-wrinkle treatment; it will go back to normal after several weeks. As everyone’s anatomy is different there is always a small risk of asymmetry. Many people will notice a pre-existing asymmetry due to increased attention & focus on the area. These can be easily corrected on review with our doctor. Vascular occlusion is the most serious filler complications but is extremely rare (less than 100,000 to 1).

Individual results & longevity of treatments will vary a lot form person to person. This is again due to our unique anatomy and physiology. We use high quality and long-lasting dermal filler & anti-wrinkle, with a proven record of safety. The biggest factor in determining how long a treatment lasts is the areas being treated and the pressure or forces over that area. Anti-wrinkle lasts 2 to 4 months for most people but smaller muscle groups can fade sooner. Lip fillers will last 6-12 months for most people; chin & cheek filler will last 9-24 months for most; tear troughs (under-eye filler) may last more than 3 years.

Most clinics market their filler options according to how thin or thick it is. The thickness of a filler determines how much volume it gives & how firm it is (allowing it to support more pressure).  Thickness of the filler does not necessarily predict how long it will last. Tear trough filler is one of the thinnest available yet lasts the longest.

We carry all brands of dermal filler. The allows us to choose the right product for the right person as well as offer affordable options. The most expensive brand of filler is made in France by Allergan. Many people find it is the longest lasting & provides great volume. It does come with some drawbacks though. It is harder to dissolve or reverse than other brands. it is also more prone to swelling which is why we avoid using it in the nose or under the eyes. The brand of filler used has an effect of look & feel of the outcome – we can advise the best options for you during your consult.

Yes for most cases. If your procedure will be complex or take a longer time we will not rush it & may schedule you for a another appointment.

Unwanted spread or migration of dermal filler is caused by muscle movement & pressure over time. It is fairly common with some areas like lips. Filler migration can cause lumps, puffiness, asymmetry, and blurring of the lip border. If you have filler migration we can dissolve it for you. We have to wait at least 2 weeks before injecting that area again. Our fee is $180.

You can get straight back to work or fun straight after anti-wrinkle treatment. You will have some red bumps for about 20 minutes but these will fade quickly. The important part is to avoid touching the area where the anti-wrinkle was injected for 6 hours to minimise the risk of side-effects.

Most dermal procedures have little down-time, so you can get straight back to your day. Some areas like lips may be initially quite swollen. This will be noticeable straight after the procedure and last 2-5 days before fading & looking nice & natural. Bruising is possible for all treatments so please keep this in mind. The areas injected will be tender for 1 to 3 days afterwards.


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