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The Only Anti Wrinkle Treatments That Come With A Warranty…


We promise to never make you look weird.

Your treatment will be personalized to meet your goals. No cookie-cutter approach here.

You may have tried other clinics and been frustrated that the treatment didn’t meet your expectations. Rushed in and out like a factory line? Maybe it wore off too quickly or didn’t quite work fully? Maybe you were stung for unexpected top-up charges?

Top ups are FREE here with our anti wrinkle warranty.

Anti wrinkle treatment with us is effective, affordable and customized to your unique facial anatomy (we’re also super gentle).

Affordable prices with the best value anti-wrinkle in Brisbane (we have checked, its true). AfterPay + ZIP Accepted.

The only anti wrinkle treatments with a WARRANTY - if your treatment does not have the expected result or wears off too quickly we offer a FREE top-up or retreatment.

Long lasting results, personalized to your unique face. We advise a natural looking result but will work with you towards your goals.

Safety first. Led by Dr Joshua, we use the latest evidence based techniques. Our clinic is friendly, inclusive. We strive to be thorough & attentive to your needs.

Comfort is a priority. You can get numbing cream or ice for comfort with any injections. Our injectors are super gentle as well!

Conveniently located at Park Road, Milton.
Easy parking. Open late weekdays.


Our most popular option is treatment is for frown lines, forehead lines and around the eyes (crows feet) for only $450. Adjustments or top-ups are included FREE of charge*. This is a full therapeutic dose and lasts 2 to 5 months for most people. This will give a natural looking result while having full benefit in reducing & preventing wrinkles.


If you want a very subtle and natural result, we offer a light anti-wrinkle treatment to 3 areas at only $340. This usually lasts 2 to 3 months. Perfect for those who want a very subtle and natural result.


For those who really want minimal movement, or with very strong muscles, we offer a strong dose (up to 50% more) to 3 areas for $560. This covers any top-ups required to reach the outcome you want. Results will typically last longer with the stronger dosage.

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Less Wrinkles

Reduce Lines & wrinkles by softening muscle movement. This takes pressure off skin, stopping creases getting etched in. Can be done preventatively in smaller doses.

Skin Quality

Improves skin quality & texture. Anti wrinkle injections cause skin cell firming and reduce oil & sebum production. This may fix skin irregularities.


Muscle relaxant injections to the masseters (jaw) is a medical treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism) & TMJ pain. It can also be used to slim the jaw muscle for a more heart-shaped face.

Sweat Less

Anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) inections decrease sweating. They can treat hyperhydrosis (excess sweating). Hyperhydrosis treatment is medical & is common under the arms or even on the palms.


Neuromodulators (tox) injections can be a very effective treatment for some migraines & headaches. This is a medical treatment by a doctor. Our doctor carries out a medical assessment prior & ensure there are no underlying issues.


Neuromodulators (anti-wrinkle) has been studied as a treatment for depression & anxiety. Studies found a significant response in over 47% of participants at 6 weeks. This is a medical treatment & needs a doctor consult prior. This is NOT a 1st line treatment for depression.

Anti- Wrinkle Injections FAQ / Details

Most frequent questions and answers

Bruising is the most common side effect for anti-wrinkle injections. Unwanted relaxing of neighboring muscles is a rare, serious but temporary risk with anti-wrinkle treatment; it will go back to normal after several weeks. As everyone’s anatomy is different there is always a small risk of asymmetry. Many people will notice a pre-existing asymmetry due to increased attention & focus on the area. These can be easily corrected on review with our doctor. Infection is possible but exceptionally rare – we have a never had any cases of this.

Individual results & longevity of treatments will vary a lot form person to person. This is again due to our unique anatomy and physiology. We use high quality anti-wrinkle brands with a proven record of safety. The biggest factor in determining how long a treatment lasts is the areas being treated. Anti-wrinkle lasts 2 to for months for most people but smaller muscle groups can fade sooner. Microtox & Lip flips will only last 4-6 weeks on average. Frown Line anti-wrinkle may last 4 to 6 months, especially with repeat treatments. Forehead Line anti-wrinkle can wear off sooner than frown line (glabellar) treatment as the muscle is smaller, more spread out, moves a lot, and has dose limitations (to prevent brow drop).

We carry all brands of antiwrinkle; also known as muscle relaxant injections  or neuromodulators.

Usually not. All brands have been studied in large trials. These studies have found they all last a similar duration. Individuals may find a a certain brand will last longer or have a more natural effect for them, but this is rare. Cost is the main difference between brands.

Yes, you sure can. Our treatment bookings all include a consult & doctor review.

You can get straight back to work or fun straight after anti-wrinkle treatment. You will have some red bumps for about 20 minutes but these will fade quickly. The important part is to avoid touching the area where the anti-wrinkle was injected for 4 hours to minimize the risk of side-effects. Some of the spots injected may feel mildly tender for a day or two.

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