Medical & Cosmetic Injectables Price List

  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Dermal Filler
  • Thread Lift
  • Advanced Aesthetic Treatments
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Private Medical Consult
  • Skin Surgery

Anti-Wrinkle Prices

Add-on lip flip, bunny scrunch, vertical lip lines, brow lift, chin or mouth corners from $50-$80 ea. Additional dosing may be added after consultation if a stronger effect is needed. We recommend a 2 week review for new patients. Any adjustments or top-ups needed are free of charge (limit of 10% of the initial dose). Beyond this limit, a fee will apply depending on how much extra dosing is needed.

Treatments Brand 1 Brand 2/3
Lip Flip $80 $120
Brow Lift $120 $180
Forehead Lines $120 $180
Frown Lines $150 $200
Crows Feet $200 $284
Treatments Brand 1 Brand 2/3
3 Areas (Light dose) $350 $480
3 Areas (Standard dose) $420 $600
3 Areas (Strong dose) $530 $780
Treatments Brand 1 Brand 2/3
Masseters / Jaw $360 $600
3 Areas + Masseters $620 $1200
Reduce Underarm Sweating $750 $1200
Migraines from $360 from $600
Add-On/Extra from $3.5ea $12ea

Dermal Filler Prices

First $450
Each Additional $400

The above dermal filler prices are for premium, long lasting dermal fillers of all thickness types. They do not include nose or tear trough treatments which are billed separately as below. 

Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

Tear Troughs from $670

Nose from $800  

Forehead Contouring from $1250

Thread Lift Prices

$2400 – $3600 (PDO Lifting / COG Threads) for lower & mid face.


$600 for single area of mono PDO threads (additional areas at half price).


Lifts loose skin & lax tissue while increasing collagen and elastin production. Long lasting skin firming effects and temporary skin lift. Threads are biodegradable PDO lifting threads with cogs. Lifting effect is usually around 1cm to  2cm for the face. Threads induce collagen & elastin production which tightens & firms the skin – this effect lasts several years. 

Medical Weight Loss

$220 (out of pocket/gap cost)

Medical consult with our weight-loss Doctor; fat-loss strategy; and (if  appropriate) prescription for weight-loss medication.

Private Medical Consult

$80 (brief telemedicine consult for script or medical certificate)

$220 detailed, in-office doctor consult

Please note we do not offer GP services (this is a focused, private-billing medical consult); We also do NOT prescribe addictive medications (schedule 8 drugs). Areas we cover include:


  • Vitamin & nutrient therapy (including customized IV vitamin therapy)

  • Prescription/bespoke skincare (excludes compounding pharmacy fees)

  • Hair loss (excludes compounding pharmacy fees)

  • Difficulties concentrating, studying, or performance / focusing at work 

  • Performance anxiety

Skin Surgery

Skin Lesions & Cancers $300 – $2000 (depending on complexity; Medicare rebate applies)


Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty $2000