Cancellation Policy

If you need to change or cancel your appointment

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all of our appointments. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment within the 24 hour window or fail to show up to your appointment without notifying us you will lose your deposit.

If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment we may not be able to see you and you could lose your deposit.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously

Any medical information/records are discreetly kept in accordance with Australian laws. We take your privacy and medical confidentiality seriously and will not disclose any medical/health information to an external party without your express consent or unless under court order.


Any collected personal data from forms, email, ads, social media or in-clinic will be stored securely. It will never be sold to another party. Cookies and analytics software are used to help us figure out what content and promotions/ads work.

We also hate spam, so when you give any contact information it will never be used to spam you or onsold to an external party.

Image Policy

Acting with discretion

We often record digital photographs or video as a clinical record to track progress, plan treatment and as good medico-legal practice. You have the right to refuse your image being recorded – which is okay.


We will never publish any identifiable images of you without your permission. We may use photographs or videos of the procedure or results for education/promotion where we remove any identifying features (such as by adjusting the angle or cropping out part of the face). This policy is also covered in our clinical consent prior to treatment.

Refund Policy

Acting with fairness

Medical & cosmetic procedures are not completely predictable – results will vary for each person. Regulations prohibit providers from guaranteeing a particular outcome. Pharmaceutical companies & treatment providers also cannot guarantee how long a dermal filler or anti-wrinkle toxin will last. 

Due to the high cost of drugs & products, we cannot offer any refunds. If a treatment has produced less than ideal results we can either:

  • reverse the treatment – dissolve the dermal filler at no extra cost

  • offer a refinement session with up to a maximum 10% of the original units or mLs paid for. For instance, if there was unevenness after a 100 unit anti-wrinkle treatment, we could offer up to 10 units free of charge as an adjustment dose; if 1 mL of filler was paid for, we could offer up to 0.1mL of dermal filler to even up an area

  • if more than 10% of the original is needed, we can offer this at cost price – this only applies to corrections or adjustments, it is not valid if an insufficient product was purchased in the first place.


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