Grinding teeth? Jaw Clenching? TMJ pain? Or just want a slimmer jaw?

Teeth grinding, jaw clenching and TMJ pain are common. Treatment with muscle relaxing injections can give relief from pain, tension, preventing teeth damage and stopping headaches.

Masseter injections also slim the lower face. Read on to see how the treatment works.

Affordable. From $390. We Accept Afterpay & ZIP.

High patient satisfaction with results lasting 3 to 6 months.

Friendly, thorough & gentle.

Performed by qualified RN or medical Doctor.

Slims jaw muscles & relieves tension.

Very quick, minimal discomfort, no downtime.

Jaw Slimming

Headaches, teeth grinding and TMJ pain can be stopped. Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ Disorder usually goes hand-in-hand with teeth grinding (bruxism) and headaches.

The masseter muscles increase in size, muscle tension increases and the cycle continues. This can result in headaches, damage to teeth, disrupted sleep, and even migraines and ear tingling. By injecting the jaw with muscle relaxers we can slim the masseters & reduce muscle tension. Within a week a majority of patients notice significant reduction in teeth grinding, TMJ pain & headaches.

We start with a medical consult & examination of the jaw muscle. The injections are then administered (taking less than 5 minutes). After treatment, avoid putting pressure on the jaw area for at least 6 hours. We recommend chewing gum for even distribution of the medicine.

Teeth Grinding - Bruxism Treatment

Teeth grinding, aka Bruxism, may cause pain, headaches, jaw problems and damaged teeth. However, the researchers reported that shots of muscle relaxants into the chewing muscles in the cheek can block the signals that tell these muscles to contract, relieving the grinding and clenching.

Nighttime and daytime bruxism is a very common condition that can cause headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome and teeth problems that can make life miserable. The cause of bruxism isn’t fully known but is suspected to be due to abnormal nerve signals triggering involuntary and forceful contractions of the jaw muscles. Those contractions result in clenching of the jaw and grinding of teeth.

TMJ Disorder

Muscle relaxant injections have been successfully used in the management of TMJ disorder symptoms for nearly a decade. The injections are used on the jaw muscles to relax the jaw, some of the benefits are that this can: treat headaches; jaw muscle pain; bruxism (teeth clenching); chronic migraines; and trismus (can’t open jaw).

TMJ Injections FAQ / Details

Most frequent questions and answers

Bruising is the most common side effect for muscle relaxant injections; this may be seen in about 1 in 10 cases. Unwanted relaxing of neighbouring muscles is a rare, serious, but temporary risk with muscle relaxer/anti-wrinkle treatment; it will go back to normal after several weeks. As everyone’s anatomy is different there is always a small risk of asymmetry. Many people will notice a pre-existing asymmetry due to increased attention & focus on the area. These can be easily corrected on review with our doctor. Infection is possible but exceptionally rare – we have a never had any cases of this.

Your first masseter treatment will last around 3 months. With each subsequent treatment to duration of results will increase. After a couple treatments we can usually switch to 6 monthly treatments.

Yes, you sure can. Our treatment bookings all include a consult & doctor review.

You can get straight back to work or fun straight after TMJ treatment. You will have some red bumps for about 20 minutes but these will fade quickly. The important part is to avoid touching the area where the anti-wrinkle was injected for 4 hours to minimize the risk of side-effects. Some of the spots injected may feel mildly tender for a day or two.


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