Aftercare Advice

For the best results after your antiwrinkle treatment

  • Do not touch the area treated for at least 4 hours or it may move the product to neighbouring muscles and cause temporary asymmetry or a temporary droopy eye.

  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours – it can move the product around and shorten its effect.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure – it can reduce the effect and lifespan.

  • Avoid too many drinks if you have bruising.

  • Try not to sleep face down the night after treatment.

  • If you have had your jaw muscles treated, try to chew gum 4-6 times in the next 24 hours. This helps to integrate the drug through the muscle. 

  • If you notice any sign of infection such as prolonged redness and warmth or a collection, please contact us for review – you may need antibiotics.

  • If you notice any asymmetry or movement patterns you dislike please contact us via email or via this website’s contact form and we will happily correct any issues.

  • Effects take 3-10 days to show, the effect of treatment depends on the individual and may last 2 to 6 months (3 months is the average).

  • If you have any bruising it is okay to cover it with makeup, it will usually resolve within the next 3 to 10 days.


For the best results from your dermal filler treatment

  • avoid exercise for 24 hours – it can shorten the lifespan of the gel.

  • avoid direct sun exposure for the next 24-48 hours, it can dehydrate the gel and the skin will be sensitive as well.

  • avoid alcohol, ibuprofen and aspirin if you have bruising as this may worsen it.

  • If you notice any bumps forming, massage the area, for 5 minutes twice a day. Continue this for 3 days. If there is no improvement, make a review appointment and we can correct it at no extra charge.

  • Swelling is expected – especially in the jaw and lips. We can give you medication to reduce swelling if needed. Your results may look asymmetrical whilst still swollen. Swelling is worse over the next 2 days and may take up to 2 weeks to fully resolve.

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