Weight Loss Brisbane

Weight Loss can be difficult. Losing weight requires reducing calories in & increasing calories burnt. This can be complicated by the addictive nature of junk-food & sugar; ingrained unhealthy lifestyle patterns; mood issues; sleep problems; hormone balance & metabolic profile. There are so many different diet options from keto to no-sugar to intermittent fasting. There are also Very Low Calorie Diets (weight loss shakes / supplements) & fat loss medications to consider.

Lose Weight Fast - Changes Within 2 Weeks

Appetite Suppressant Medication Empowers Healthy Change

May Lose Up To 1kg / Week In 1st Cycle

Good Side Effect Profile

Consult with Dr Joshua - Friendly, Non-Judgmental, Attentive

Great Weight Loss Kickstart. Combine With Diet & Exercise.

Prescription weight loss consult fee is $220; the medication is obtained separately from a pharmacy and may cost between $150 to $480 for the full course (6-9 weeks).

We aim to bring you some clarity with our medical weight loss service. This involves a consult with our weight-loss doctor. Check out what are weight loss clinic can help you with:

Fat Loss & Metabolism Assessment

We review what you’ve tried so far & make sure there are no medical conditions stopping you from losing weight.

Baseline measurements of weight & waist circumference are recorded. Next we calculate your basal metabolic rate so you have an idea of how many calories you should aim for to lose weight.

Weight Loss Medications

There have been great advances with medications for weight loss. Newer fat-loss medications work by suppressing your appetite with minimal side-effects, compared to earlier drugs. We have a number of options and (depending on what is safe & appropriate) may provide a prescription for a weight loss medication to help you kickstart losing weight; break out of unhealthy habits & give sustainable new lifestyle patterns time to consolidate. This is the edge many people need to break disordered appetites & food-addictions.

Diet Strategy

Healthy Eating is the key to sustained weight loss & reducing the risk of chronic disease later in life.

The right diet for you is one that you can maintain over the long run. It needs to provide adequate nutrition while avoiding overloading the body with excess calories.

We usually find that a few weeks of meal-prep or a specific meal program gives best results. We usually recommend a diet high in protein with reduced sugar processed foods. This can be a plant based diet if you prefer. 

By combining a diet plan with weight loss medications that reduce the appetite (and encourage early satiety) we can reduce your portion sizes and decrease your overall caloric intake.


Increasing physical activity & sticking to a diet plan is can be a challenge. It is normal & okay if you fall off the wagon – you just have to get back on. 

We can provide a referral to one of our weight loss coaches. They will help you stay accountable with regular check-in sessions. They can also customize exercise & diet programs for you which will be adjusted as you move toward your weight loss goals.


Losing weight is easier if you understand the principles behind how it works. We provide resources to help you understand calorie balance, calculate & track calories, as well as understand nutrition better.

Costs Involved

Losing weight requires motivation & commitment. To be ready to make a sustainable change you need to invest in yourself. Whether you do it by meal prep, fitness classes, or  with a weight loss clinic it will need an investment of your time, effort & finances.

If you are not ready yet, that is okay, because one day you will be ready for change.

Our fee for weight loss consult with our doctor is $220 (out of pocket/gap fee). Prescriptions for weight loss medication may range from $300 to $480 depending on which pharmacy you go to (we do not supply the medication due).


You should also prepare to invest in healthy food or a meal-prep service which may cost $6-$11 per meal. If you have time you can DIY this part but it does require effort & discipline. We also strongly recommend a  gym or fitness class membership if not already a member.

To maximize success & keep you accountable you can also book in with one of our diet & exercise coaches for weekly or monthly coaching & check-in sessions. The cost of this will vary according to which coach you prefer.