Medical Treatments & Consults

We offer a range of medical treatments. These involve a medical consult with our doctor & then treatment if it is safe & appropriate. Some of the issues we may be able to help are listed below.

Medical Treatments

Teeth Grinding Treatment (Bruxism)

Muscle relaxant injections are a highly effective treatment option for teeth grinding. Mouth guards are also an option but for some patients this does not work. Treating bruxism can save tooth damage and prevent chronic headaches. Initially treatment is performed 3 monthly but this can be stretched to 6 or even 8 monthly after numerous regular treatments. Out of pocket fee is from $390 – $500.

Migraine / Headache Treatment & Prevention

Our Doctor uses neuromodulator injections to relax muscles that may trigger your migraines. We first ensure there are no other serious causes for your headaches which may involve collaboration with your usual GP or neurologist (if you have not done so already). Out of pocket fee is $300 – $700 depending on how extensive the muscles to be treated are.

TMJ Pain Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain can be crippling. Physiotherapy can help TMJ pain but neuromodulator injection therapy can give reliable and long-lasting results. Initially treatment is performed 3 monthly but this can be stretched to 6 or even 8 monthly after numerous regular treatments. Out of pocket fee is $390 – $500.

Excessive Sweating Treatment (Hyperhidrosis)

Excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be an embarrassing interruption to daily function; not to mention for big occasions like weddings or public ceremonies. Neuromodulator injections for excessive sweating ‘switch off’ the sweat glands to an area. We can treat almost any area to reduce sweating but the most popular are underarm sweating, sweaty palms, sweaty feet & sweaty faces. We can also reduce sweating of the buttocks, back or legs if that is an issue.

Results of hyperhidrosis treatment last 3-6 months. Downtime is minimal but you must avoid pressure on the areas for 4 hours afterwards. For more sensitive areas like the palms & feet, our doctor will perform a regional nerve block to the area. if you have palms treated you will not be able to drive for 4 hours afterwards. Out of pocket fee is from $700.

Neuromuscular Pain

Certain types of neuromuscular pain can respond well to neuromodulator treatment. This will need a consult with our doctor prior to treatment. Sometimes ultrasound guided treatment will be required. Our doctor does not treat neuromuscular pain around the spine – we will help you find a pain subspecialist or interventional radiologist for this kind of treatment.

Prescription Weight Loss

We offer a medical weight loss service combining prescription weight loss medication (if appropriate & safe), metabolic profile analysis, diet planning & exercise coaching. Our fee is $250 for the consult. Any medications required are obtained from a licensed pharmacy at additional cost.

​ ​ Please note that these medical services are not bulk billed & Medicare does not apply. In rare circumstances your private insurance may contribute towards medication costs but otherwise insurance does not cover these private outpatient medical consults & treatments.

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