A defined jawline, gives a confident look. The jawline frames the face accentuating the eyes and other features. In women it gives a

slimmer, confident look. In men, a chiseled jawline shows strength and
vitality. For both young and mature, it is an instant boost to self-confidence
and attractiveness.


Jawline contouring is the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2022. All over social media you can see amazing natural and enhanced jawlines. We also are seeing a lot of jawlines that are overdone and distorted. When performing jawline filler we have to keep it to what’s naturally believable. Obviously fake jawlines will make your face boxy and fat, bit will make a female look masculine and make a man look silly. It is critical to ensure the jawline suits the other facial features and will look good from all angles (not just the side view).

bad jawline filler

The above jawline is overdone, see how the angle of the jaw is
almost 90 degrees? This is will create a masculine and alien look. They never
show these results from the front because it looks quite odd and wide. In a few months it will start to sag and look puffy because too much filler is placed
too low down and has no support behind it. Jaw filler should hang by itself
below the jaw bone. It will look like your face blends into your neck when the
filler starts to break down in 9-12 months.


Will Jawline Filler Suit Me?

It’s important to mention that not everyone will suit
jawline filler treatment. If you have a decent amount of fat underneath the
chin or jawline, you will be wasting your money. The fat will hide the effects
of the fillers. I would encourage reducing the fat in the area before doing the
jawline contouring. My patients have a lot of success losing fat very quickly
with my prescription weight loss treatments. Fat dissolving is an option but is
very hit and miss (it also requires a lot of downtime). Another option is
liposuction to the area if you have a stubborn, isolated fat pocket but will
set you back about $3000. I prefer Vaser liposuction for this as it also
tightens the skin.

Jawline & Jowls


After middle age we lose bony volume from the angle of the jaw. We often gain facial fat, and our skin starts to sag. This can result in the dreaded jowls.

Jowls are just unsupported soft tissue in the middle of the jawline. The most effective way to get rid of jowls is surgery. Most people are not ready for such a major step and come to me for non-surgical reduction of the jowls. To reduce jowls we need to support the loose tissue. This means adding volume to restore the bony angle of the jaw and restoring the volume loss at the front in the pre-jowl sulcus. The skin also needs to be tightened. We do this by using biostimulators to create new collagen and improve skin quality. The end results can be quite impressive and long lasting. I would caution anyone over 40 to avoid ONLY using hyaluronic acid fillers for jawline restoration. The problem is that after 12 months, as the hyaluronic acid breaks down it becomes soft and draws in more water. This creates a boggy, pillow face look. For best results I combine dermal fillers with collagen boosting biostimulators to ensure a long lasting, firm and well-defined jawline.