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At Define, we offer a fresh take on cosmetic medicine. We offer high quality cosmetic injectables to Brisbane residents, with our treatments designed to refresh your face and have your feeling bright. We believe in friendly honest advice, natural-looking results, and excellent value delivered by a team that really cares.

Hong N
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I regularly see Nurse An for my masseters and have gotten chin filler from her too. I am so impressed by her expertise and professionalism and will never trust anyone else/any other clinic with my face. I love coming here and have never felt more comfortable with any other clinic. I have recommended her and Define to my dentist as well for any of their bruxism patients (as An has relieved my symptoms so much over the years!), to my friends, my family and my co-workers. I always feel refreshed and brand new whenever I see An and everyone at Define. I cannot wait for my next appointment
Unica C
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Highly recommend Nurse Nancy! She's absolutely amazing I was so scared to get my lip filler but she was so nice, explained everything and made the appointment comfortable for me. I'm super happy with the results 😊
Emma S
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I can’t believe I haven’t taken the time to review Define yet! Been coming here for a long time to get my Botox in my jaw for TMJ issues. The staff are absolutely wonderful and Nurse An has been seeing me recently. She’s an absolute delight. I came here to write this review today specifically because I had a huge panic attack on the train getting here (very crowded and I’m claustrophobic). I mentioned it to the ladies at front desk and they immediately handed me a box of red frogs. I really appreciate this so much. Thank you for catering to us anxious girlies 😂
Joe B
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Dr Josh is not only professional he is also an extreme perfectionist. Such a lovely welcoming team. The atmosphere is calming, clean, and well organized. I always feel refreshed and more than happy with my results. I have referred many of my clients to the clinic and have heard nothing but positive feedback. Thank you for keeping all of us beautiful and fresh.
Caitlyn B
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Couldn't be happier! My visit to Define clinics was my first time having any type of cosmetic or injectable treatment and I loved it. Nurse An took the time to discuss and explain the product, her technique and her recommendations and the results are better than I could have expected. I received lip, chin and jaw filler and I love the results, they are still subtle but have corrected my insecurities and I'm happy that I relied on nurse An's recommendations and knowledge. She was lovely, the clinic was beautiful and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I recommend Define and Nurse An to everyone.
Sam S
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I’ve been to define a number of times now and never been disappointed. I’ve been comfortable with all staff and all have been beautiful people and do such a great job. Josh the owner is a lovely man and you can tell he really cares about his business and most importantly the clients. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with different clinics which almost turned me off ever trying again but this place has turned it all around for me and I leave really happy and feeling lush. Thank you define team ❤️

Injectables Brisbane

We prefer a refreshed, defined and elegant look that is personalised to you.

On Park road in Milton, close to the Brisbane city CBD, our clinic is a friendly, non-judgmental space that feels comfortable.


Our attentive clinicians provide honest advice on how to achieve your aesthetic goals while avoiding looking ‘overfilled’ or unnatural. We will tell you upfront if a treatment won’t work or won’t suit you.

The best injectables treatments are personalised to your face.  Your friends will notice you look better but it won’t be obvious what exactly was done. Our treatments are performed gently and safely.


If you are curious about treatment options, please contact us with your questions or book in for a complimentary FREE facial assessment and planning consult.


We can help with...

Cosmetic Injectables

Skin & Laser Treatments

Weight Loss

Define Clinic offers medical injectables, cosmetic injectables, skin treatments, laser therapies, medical weight loss, and anti-aging treatments in Brisbane.

We can help relieve symptoms of muscle spasm, bruxism, migraines, TMJ pain or hyperhidrosis with muscle relaxant injections.

We also offer cosmetic injectables to for anti-aging & softening of wrinkles to refresh your face. We aim for a natural result where you the wrinkles are gone but there is still some natural expression.


Brisbane Anti Wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective way to soften fine lines & wrinkles. People are increasingly seeking anti wrinkle injections in Brisbane to prevent getting wrinkles in the first place.

For some, anti wrinkle is not about looking younger, it is a way to look less angry, appear less tired or less stressed.

Muscle relaxant (anti wrinkle) injections can also be used medically to prevent migraines, stop teeth grinding (brusxism), reduce neuromuscular pain and reduce sweating. If you are looking for Brisbane anti wrinkle, learn more about our treatments.

Cosmetic Injectables Brisbane

Our dermal and lip fillers will help you glow from within. Dermal fillers are meant to fill out your skin, make your face feel more plump, and contour your natural structure. We offer lip fillers with a subtle heart-shaped appearance, tear trough fillers for under-eye hollowing, and forehead and chin fillers for profile balancing and face slimming

Lip Filler Brisbane


Lip filler should not give you a duck’s bill or a trout pout. It shouldn’t leave you with hard, lumpy lips. It should feel soft and full, having you feel amazing.  We can help accentuate the shape and/or volume of your lips. Are you after a subtle hydration of the lips or fuller, heart shaped lips? Have a look at some of our lip filler results and learn about a personalized lip plan and treatment. We can even dissolve previous lip filler if it has migrated or lost its shape.

Dermal Fillers Brisbane

We are able to contour and renew the face using dermal fillers. Our most popular dermal filler injection is are full face contouring. We particular love jawline contouring, using chin filler to balance the side profile and giving the face a youthful lift with cheek filler. We use high quality, reversible dermal fillers and also offer long -lasting collagen stimulating fillers.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Our liquid nose jobs can lift the nose tip, straighten the nose or refine the nose tip. With a non-surgical rhinoplasty, you can get the nose of your dreams without the need for an invasive procedure. Liquid rhinoplasty reshapes your nose with nose filler, and this simple and effective treatment provides great results without the risks, costs, or downtime associated with surgery. Nose reshaping is a great way to contour the shape of your nose in harmony with the rest of your face. Learn more about what a non-surgical rhinoplasty can do and if it may be right for you.

Medical Injectables Brisbane

Our doctor offers medical treatments for headaches, migraine prevention, teeth grind (bruxism), TMJ pain, hyperhidrosis, neuromuscular pain, and chronic muscle tension.

These are carried out with neuromulator injections (a type of muscle relaxer).

We also offer medical weight loss and acne treatments.

Prescription Weight Loss Brisbane

If diet & exercise alone are not working, you may benefit from a prescription weight loss treatment. There are several options available. Please see our weight loss page to learn more.


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